Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Event Schedule

The Portland Comedy Film Festival will feature two hours of independent comedy films per evening, for four different dates from 6:45pm - 8:45pm. For more info call: (713) 305-4895

Avalon Theatre 
(Please do not call the theater for tickets)
3451 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97214

Sold Out! - Day 4: Saturday May 20th, 2017 - 15 Comedy Short Films Will Screen

1) "Cauliflower" Directed by Natasha Straley (New York, NY)
2) "Off Book" Directed by Robert Bruce Carter (Chicago, IL)
3) “Deep in the Artist” Directed by Ryan Mowery (Portland, OR)
4) “Drive-Thru” Directed by John Jennings (Chicago, IL)
5) “Five Star Service” Directed by Chris Parisi (San Francisco, CA)
6) “Flipped The Script” Directed by Frankie Ingrassia (Los Angeles, CA)
7) “Jihadi Street” Directed by Yulia Fomenko (New York, NY)
8) "Namcar Night Race" Directed by Lance Khazei (Los Angeles, CA)
9) “obSETHed: Memorial Day” Directed by Zack Matzganis (Los Angeles, CA)
10) “Sleep” Directed by James Templeton (Houston, TX)
11) “The Artist” Directed by Neal E. Fischer (Chicago, IL)
12) “The Ballboy” Directed by Shannon O'Hara (Los Angeles, CA)
13) “The Love Suckers” Directed by Jim Politano (Hollywood, CA)
14) “The World's First Twurkey!” Directed by Joel Erkkinen (St. Paul, MN)
15) "Pineapple Love" Directed by Jonny Havey (Denver, CO)

Day 3: Friday May 19th, 2017 - 15 Comedy Short Films will screen:

1) "City of Angels: Episode 2" Directed by Quinn Jackson
2) "Crass" Directed by Micah Troublefield (Rockhill, SC)
3) "Get Staffed!" Directed by Pier van Tijn (London, UK)
4) “Groundhog Day For a Black Man” Directed by Cynthia Kao
5) “Honor Council” Directed by Scott Simonsen (Los Angeles, CA)
6) "@effingwebseries" Directed by Alec Cohen (New York, NY)
7) “New Roommate” Directed by Victor Yerrid (Los Angeles, CA)
8) “Oh Baby” Directed by Rory Rooney (Los Angeles, CA)
9) “Pick A Hostage” Directed by Dino Castelli (Long Island, NY)
10) “RJ Gets a Booty Call” Directed by David Hoff
11) “Roger” Directed by Brendan Cleaves (London, UK)
12) “Sarah Chong Is Going To Kill Herself" Directed by Ella Jones (London, UK)
13) “Summer Camp” Directed by Shaleah Wagner (Eugene, OR)
14) “Trash Day” Directed by Kurt Schneider & Keenan Wetzel (Detroit, MI)
15) "Smooth Talk" Directed by Zachary Isenberg (Los Angeles, CA)

Day 2: Thursday May 18th,  2017 - 13 Comedy Short Films will screen:
1) “Doomsday Ready” Directed by Mark Jackson (London, UK)
2) “Downward Dogs” Directed by Dillon McManamy (Toronto, Canada)
3) "Grocery Store Action Movie" Directed by Matthew Campbell (Vancouver, Canada)
4) "Hit" Directed by Katie Cheline (Austin, TX)
5) “Giraffe” Directed by Janne Schmidt (Netherlands)
6) “I Killed Them Both” Directed by Stanley Sievers
7) “Knife Fight” Directed by Miguel J. Soliman (Brooklyn, NY)
8) “Morning After” Directed by Jamie Maule-ffinch (London, England)
9) “Ouija Sex” Directed by Mondo Ghulam (UK)
10) “Prepared” Directed by Elizabeth Eckert-Ross & T Scott Ross (Astoria, NY)
11) “Språkfrågan” Directed by Niklas Lindgren (Finland)
12) “The Living Statue” Directed by Ana de Lara
13) “The Olympians ”Directed by Jeffrey Tomaszewski

Day 1: Wednesday May 17th, 2017 - 8 Comedy Films (7 Shorts & 1 Feature) will screen:
1) "Ingenue-ish” Directed by John Stamos, starring Caitlin McHugh (Los Angeles, CA)
2) “Lenses” Directed by Becca Roth and Laura Goehrke (New York, NY)
3) “My Delivery Guy” Directed by Meghan Weinstein (Los Angeles, CA)
4) "Full House Rap" Music Video Directed by Ali Alkhafaji (Austin, TX)
5) “Fratino” Directed by Stanley Sievers (Chicago, Illinois)
6) “Braquage Serenade” Directed by Guillaume De Ginestel (Paris, France)
7) “Message in a Bottle” Directed by Alex Staggs (Los Angeles, CA)
8) “How to Get Girls” Feature Film Directed by Omri Doriani and Zach Fox (Philadelphia, PA)


  1. So while it's true that the people make an event (and the people definitely made any event!) this space definitely adds a different dimension to it. Went to venues in NYC for evening event and I was really impressed.

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