"Red Ink on Steel" Feature Length Comedy Screenplay: Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
Feature Length Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: John Thibault

Synopsis: "Just a few days before his massive report is due for the President's Commission on Organized Crime, Chuck Chasen, a New Age undercover cop discovers that his girlfriend has been kidnapped and possibly killed. Setting aside his modern day police investigation methods like astrology, psychic dogs and trance channelors, it becomes Chuck's sensible visiting sister from Idaho who helps him get back on track and locate Melanie, the Mob and the report. In the final showdown the Mob kingpin shows Chuck that crime figures are not really 'organized' and tries to convince him to join their 'Cop Protection Program'. But when Chuck recognizes the mobster as someone he put away in a former life the sensible Ruth has to pull Chuck back into reality so he can overcome his karmic fears and nail the mobster for good."