"Love in Kilnerry" Feature Length Comedy Screenplay: Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
Feature Length Comedy Screenplay

Tagline: Let a little debauchery into your heart

Synopsis: The elderly residents of a small remote town tucked into the mossy green foothills of New England thrive primarily for their chemical plant that produces a single compound used in dog shampoos. The EPA tells them they must alter their process for a cleaner environmental footprint, however the new process has one small side effect. Laboratory rats, when exposed, showed an extreme increase in their sexual libido. The religious residents panic predicting they'll have no control and the small town will turn into the next Sodom and Gomorrah. Over the following weeks they even begin to act as such. The local Sheriff insists that it is all in their heads and struggles miserably to maintain a sense of order. Somewhere in the chaos, the town finds their youthfulness.