"Jan Air" Feature Length Comedy Screenplay: Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection 
Feature Length Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: Wendy Stetson
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Synopsis: Jan Air is the nerdy girl movie. The film follows Jane-Eyre obsessed, high school theater-geek Marni who thinks she'll never get close to football hero Steve, until a game accident results in him being in the school play with her. Finally, Marni has the chance to woo Steve on her own turf. Jan Air is not about a goth or a freak or a deadbeat who’s actually really pretty under all that eyeliner. It’s is about a frizzy-haired, super-smart, raging nerd. And her quest to find love. In a bygone world, where rank and social power can mean life or death, Marni, a gangly red-haired theater kid falls in love with the star of the football team. It’s 1985, and against the odds, Steve and Marni are actually friends. At church. At school where Steve is the big man on campus? Not so much. Steve baffles Marni and her best friend Iris, as they and their cadre of lit-magazine and choir friends navigate the perilous waters of high school. Still, Marni doggedly pursues her beloved. When a freak accident drives Steve from the football stadium to the stage of “The Wizard of Oz: The Play”, will Marni finally have her first kiss? Or, like her heroine Jane Eyre, will she ultimately be thwarted by love’s fickle ways…and a blonde field hockey player named Michelle.