"Flipped the Script" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection
Category: Comedy Short Film
Cast and Crew: Directed by Frankie Ingrassia, Written by Matt Hobbie, Starring Frankie Ingrassia, Nicole Sciacca and Matt Hobbie
Screening: Saturday May 20th, 2017 @ 645pm.

Synopsis: "A look back at how two friends “flipped the script” and became more than friends after years of “just being friends” with a little help from some youtube coaches. "

Inspiration: Matt and his current girlfriend were our inspiration, she is the “other” woman in this film.

Director Frankie Ingrassia is an LA native, a filmmaker who started her career as an actor working alongside Holly Hunter in the HBO original film “The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom” which preceded her iconic experimentalist role in Alexander Payne’s “Election.” Frankie spent several years shadowing directors she respected before she took her first crack at it. That first job was the pilot “Hey You, It’s Me” which has since gone on to win over 14 festivals and was picked up and turned to series and is now being released on Seed and Spark’s web platform in April of 2017. She has been recurring on Amazon’s “Goliath” as Billy Bob Thornton’s bartender, as well as a recurring voice on Tyler the Creator’s new cartoon “The Jellies.” She recently completed her first film as a producer, “Concrete Kids” which will be releasing this summer.