"Braquage Sérénade" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 Official Selection

The Portland Comedy Film Festival 2017 judges loved the French comedy film "Braquage Sérénade" directed by Guillaume de Ginestel. The storyline had several unexpected twists and turns, the actors were all strong and the cinematography is really amazing. Starring Marthes Degaille, Guillaume Duhesme, Christian Diaz and Olivia Csiky Trnka.

Tagline: "A bank robber has fallen madly in love with one of the cashiers working at a bank he robbed. Finally overcoming his timidity and overly romantic personality, he decides to kidnap her in order to declare his feelings. His clumsy, sky-masked courtship."

Inspiration: The idea of the film although I was not aware of it at the time is : I had a very childish and poetic uncle who was 57 at the time. I had kind of a connection with him although my mother (it was her brother,) had always kept her family at bay, as far as I could remember. I seldom saw him but everytime I did, we clicked. He loved to laugh like a teen even as a 50something man and was very poetic. He was diagnosed with a tumor and died that summer before I wrote the film, very abruptly. I later found out that he had had a "troubled" youth and had served jail time as a 20 something year old man for robberies and car thefts. He was trying to impress a girl, my aunt, in a silly, stupid kind of way. She married him later on for everything else BUT those stupids things he had done and he never did it again. I had always felt close to him and felt I understood a lot about myself when I find that out. He loved to joke around and laugh a lot, that was our bond. The story is about the masks we wear in everyday life, how the truths or are true-selves are sometimes hidden, and in all that role-playing, how our capacity to be poetic or our ability to love, gives meaning to all the absurd comedy that put ourselves through the rest of the time. Love and poetry makes us whole. Love and poetry makes us who we are.