"Summer America Barnham's Book Club for Ladies" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

Summer America Barnham loves whiskey, pie, singing, cats, independent bookstores, and reading. She loves these things so much, she formed a book club around them. Season One sees Summer and the members of the book club reading "Anna Karenina" over the course of 10 episodes. The series is written and produced in Portland, Oregon.
Director Sepia Scott
In 1978, Scott wrote to Lloyd Alexander seeking permission to turn the novel "The Book of Three" into an elementary school play. The author never responded, which Scott thinks best as he never cleared the idea of the production with school administrators.

Scott has since been obsessed with creating work that explores some of life's most vexing questions. What if Axl Rose were a leprechaun? What if Roman Senators were just hack, open mic comedians? What if wrestlers argued about improv comedy and Meisner instead of dominating their opponents in the ring? What if High Fructose Corn Syrup was a member of The Village People? These are just a few of the soul-searching, life-affirming, spirit-enlightening questions that Scott has dared to explore in his brave work on the stage.

Scott and his work have appeared at the Austin Sketch Festival, Dublin Web Festival, HollyWeb Fest, Risk/Reward Festival, Fertile Ground Festival, CHAD Chats, The Famous Mysterious Actor Show, and the LanceLife Comprehensive Total Life System.


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