"Linea" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

"While his less-than-faithful girlfriend sleeps in the car, Theo watches two young lovers fondle each other in the parking lot of a gas station. As his tank fills, he is forced to reflect on a relationship gone wrong, and the unique position in which he now finds himself. He’s stuck, and it’s nobody’s fault but his own."

Director Bio:
Will Cuddy is an American film actor/director best known for his roles on NBC's "Grimm" and in Jean Marc-Vallée's film adaptation of best selling memoir, "Wild." Cuddy was born in Beaverton, Oregon where at the age of nine he began his acting career on stage. As a teenager, he was selected for Discovery Kid's reality show, "Endurance: Fiji" before shifting his focus to screen acting. Cuddy attended the University of Oregon where he sang with the premier all-male a cappella group, On The Rocks, and directed two award winning short films. Cuddy currently resides in his hometown of Portland, Oregon, where he is pursuing his passion of directing.