"Dogstein" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

“Dogstein” is an old Black & White style 3D animation, which pays tribute to old SF film and Japanese tokusatsu. It's talking about the story that a neurotic dog is involved in underground human's revenge to alien. The film focuses on the performance of the inhuman fanaticism, in order to build a reverse relationship to Nietzsche‘s “humanall-too- human”. The making process is special.CGI skeletal characters can't stretching and deformation too much like 2D hand-drawing animation. Most CGI film have a smooth character motion. I consider how to give characters' motion more shakes and textures as stop-motion and deformation like hand drawing animation. So my plan is, at first, I draw dog's fully animation in 2D, than model makers make new models or adjust old model point-to-point in models' grid to match with 2D sequence frame-by-frame without skeleton system. The background deign was inspired by German Expressionism films. This project is trying to find a balance point between 2D and 3D.