"Bullshit" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

"James and Erica are two single thirty-somethings who met online and are looking for the same thing - an honest and real relationship. Or are they? When Erica introduces a consumer-grade polygraph called a "Bullshit Detector" to their first date, the hopeful couple finds that their intentions aren't as authentic as they themselves even thought."
Marc Wilshire
Marc Wiltshire is a Canadian filmmaker who gained National praise for his short film ‘MY AVATAR’ in 2011. An alumni of New York University’s prestigious Tisch Asia M.F.A. Film program in Singapore, Marc has worked on films all over North America and Asia. Oliver Stone and Todd Solondz were mentors on Marc's short film 'MY AVATAR' which premiered at Fantasia Film festival and won a Golden Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival in 2011. Website Link.