"Ain't No Stoppin' Hackley" Music Video: Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

Director Trey Huguley
"Ain't No Stoppin' Hackley" is the theme song and music video from the independent feature comedy "Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer" Since 1980, Hackley has personified fear. This prolific masked serial killer has axed his way through hundreds during his reign of terror. He doesn’t kill because he’s crazy. It’s just his job. Hackley is one of the many masked killers employed at Revelation Killing Solutions! The third most profitable corporation in the growing industry! Hackley is the longest tenured team member in the “Slashers” division, but has lost the enthusiasm he once had for the job. “Fun With Hackley” is a comedy feature film that chronicles the adventures of Hackley as he stumbles at the office and rethinks his life, love and career. Hackley struggles with an incompetent manager, rival serial killers and antiquated rules as he tries to regain his love of killing.

For more information, visit the Hackley website.
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