"A Tale of Momentum and Inertia" Portland Comedy Film Festival 2016

Summary: In this original CG short, a Rock Giant literally holds in his hands the fate of a small coastal village. Can he forgive and forget?
Kameron Gates
Director Bio: Kameron Gates is a multi-talented artist primarily working in three dimensional mediums, both digital and practical. As a designer, sculptor, makeup artist and director, Kameron enjoys working in multiple disciplines because there’s always something new to learn. A veteran of the film and television industry, he’s most definitely behind some of your favorite shows and movies.

Kirk Kelley (Creative Director)
Kirk’s a big-gun Director, and not just because he’s a Texan. A multi-talented designer, performer, storyteller and restaurateur, Kirk has directed and supervised many premier ad campaigns since 1995. Kirk has been Supervising Director for House Special’s fleet of M&M’S content, winning awards and accolades in festivals and annual industry “Best of’s” heralding the long-standing appeal of the beloved character icons. Kirk holds advanced degrees in visualization sciences and architectural design, an undergraduate degree in engineering and taught photography at Texas A&M University. He is the co-owner of Podnah’s Pit, the best Texas-style barbecue restaurant in Portland, and La Taq, a Tex Mex bar next to Podnah’s.